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"Yvette's commitment to inclusion invariably leads to the discovery of more than one, or two talented individuals, who may have otherwise remained unrecognised. The way that Yvette is able to being out the best in every child and provide them with an opportunity to 'shine' is simply exceptional and it never fails to impress me. Yvette captures all of the qualities of the most successful teachers! In doing so, Yvette provides inestimable value to our school dramatic arts program. If, success were measured by the pride and sense of achievement that the children display when they have delivered their final performance, then Yvette offers an immensely successful program for our students. To watch 25 students beaming with pride and radiating a definite sense of accomplishment is very inspiring. We are hoping Yvette continues to work with our school for many years to come."

- Lincoln Day, Principal, Wembley Downs Primary School


"Greenarella was an amazing experience and I would love to do it again. It taught me so much about projecting your voice and how hard it is to remember your lines. Luckily I remembered them. "

- Olivia, Year 6 Student



"What can I say, I was blown away by the Greenarella performance last night. For some reason, I wasn’t expecting much, but it was absolutely amazing and exceeded my expectations."

- Rebecca Brown, Parent



"Yvette's words have made people laugh and feel deeply moved, her writing expressing so much of the human condition."

- Catherine McCorkill, Artist



"Thank you so much for inspiring and guiding the Year 6 kids to reach their full potential on stage. Everyone did an amazing performance and Greenarella is no doubt going to be a firm memory from their childhood."

- Rita Moar, Parent



"Yvette has been involved with the African Cultural Memory Youth Arts Festival (ACMYAF) as a Theatre Facilitator. Yvette assisted the young people to gain confidence, take creative risks and develop a stronger sense of who they are and where they fit, in relation to their immediate environments. She enriched the lives of the young people through imparting knowledge to them about improvisation techniques, acting techniques and all aspects of a formal theatrical production that they can utilise in the future."

- Peter Mbago Wakholi, Founder and Coordinator of ACMYAF



"Yvette's involvement with The Speakeasy Association of WA has been invaluable to our members. She brings with her a set of unique and special skills to assist in the personal development of people with speech difficulty. Yvette has demonstrated excellent organisational skills and flexibility with her work to cater for a range of abilities. She believes that everyone has drama ability and has helped many participants discover their potential in her workshops. "

- Charn Nang, Speech Pathology Consultant, The Speak Easy Association of WA

"Yvette is a wonderfully easy and generous person to work with and always helps cast and crew in any way she can, whether she holds the role of assistant director, performer or stage manager. Each of her plays carries part of her soul.  The quality of Yvette’s work is undeniable and I am a big fan. She is an extraordinary talent that creates quickly once the impulse grabs her – the ideas she conjures, and her writing style, are varied and beyond what is usually seen on the mainstream stage. I feel so privileged to have met and worked with Yvette."


- Nat Djurdjevic, Actor

​"Reading The Sisters of St Judas by Yvette Wall for the first time brought joyfully home the realisation of how far the range and depth of Australian theatre writing has come in the past 30 years.  While forces out of our control meant Yass Rep would not be able to put this play on in 2018 – it is listed for production in 2019.  I commend Yvette wall on her play; it’s fab, fast and funny and I look forward to seeing it on the stage." 


- Louise Aston Wilder, President, Yass Repertory

"I have had the pleasure to work with Yvette both in her capacity as an actor and as a writer, and her professionalism and generosity make her an absolute joy to work with. Her writing varies between the hilarious and the very heartfelt, weaving a multi-layered script and providing the audience with a most enjoyable and meaningful experience."


- Sean Bullock, Actor

" I have been lucky enough to work with Yvette in school based drama workshops and community theatre. She always brings something new to the table and has a knack for listening to people and getting the best out of them. Her writing always draws you in and even her most ‘lighthearted’ pieces have a heart and depth not often seen. She is organised, efficient and very hard working. If she is involved in your project expect 110% from her at every stage!!" 


- Scarlett Greenock, Theatre Director 


"I was lucky enough to attend a number of group sessions run by Yvette as part of the ‘African Cultural Memory Youth Arts Festival’ (ACMYAF). She spent several months facilitating group sessions with the ultimate goal being a stage production. Yvette catered to our differing personalities, cultural backgrounds and abilities. Staging The Real Deal at Nexus Theatre, Murdoch University, and the months and months of work we did was one of the best creative experiences of my life.” 


- Lovena Misama, Artist


"As a performer, I have had the pleasure of performing multiple scripts that Yvette has written. Yvette is an incredible artist who captures the essence of common stories, particularly fairytales, while choosing to explore the sides of a story that are not commonly thought of. Her modern twists on scripts and ability to find inspiration in seemingly shallow stories is astounding. She is a true artist and is a pleasure to work with."


- Neve Havercroft, Actor


"My daughter has been so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with the wonderful Yvette Wall. She has performed in Bitten, written by Yvette, which was a contemporary look at the tale of Adam and Eve. As a young teenager, my daughter could relate to Yvette’s modern style and very clever use of comedy to explore her themes. I cannot recommend Yvette highly enough. She is the ultimate professional, very sensitive to the needs of actors and has a very special talent."


- Pauline Moran, Parent


"I have acted in four of Yvette’s plays and loved every one of them. The last one was Milly and Joan in August 2017. One reviewer wrote that he was engaged with the play and the characters  from start to finish and Ms Wall should have Milly and Joan presented on the international stage."


- Kerry Goode, Actor

“I loved being in Happily Ever...Whatever! It was really exciting to get to perform on a big stage.  Yvette was really nice and supportive.  If anyone made a mistake she would just say “practice your lines more”.  She told us if we made a mistake on stage to just improvise.  This made me feel really confident. Through being in the play, I had lots of fun with my friends and got a chance to get to know kids in my class I didn’t know as well.”


- Maclaine, Year 6 Student

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