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Panto time again

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Irish Theatre Player's Snow White (The Off-White Version) written by Yvette and directed by Peter Neaves and Virginia Moore Price is a fractured fairytale fun pantomime where the tale of Snow White takes an unexpected and hilarious turn. She ends up in an episode of ‘I’m a fairytale character get me out of here’ with Red Riding Hood and Prince Charming on board, but the dwarves are nowhere to be seen! Meanwhile the Wicked Queen has her own problems with the melancholy Magic Mirror and Snow White’s dead parents keep on turning up. Add to the mix a royal nanny (Nanny Nice), a royal French chef (Pierre Pate’), Forest Creatures who protest and a couple of Talking Trees and you have a very modern pantomime, with singing and dancing, that everyone will love. Laughs are guaranteed. Suitable for all ages.

Tickets are now on sale! Get in quick!


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