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No longer a wait for Ladies Who Wait

Meet the Tudor Queens as you've never seen them before in this hilarious black comedy.

It's execution day for Anne Boleyn and she's got some visitors. There’s Jane, the next woman lining up to marry Henry VIII, and her dead predecessor Catherine decides to float by. Throw in her unlikely ladies in waiting, Alice and Agnes, and it's a rather unconventional final morning for the soon-to-be-late Queen Anne…

Twenty-or-so years later, Catherine’s daughter Mary has ascended the throne and is pretty sure she’s in labour. With her sister Elizabeth on standby (in more ways than one) and another sectarian war erupting, can Agnes and Alice dodge the mess again?

Ladies Who Wait is a new black comedy by award-winning Perth playwright Yvette Wall. This (rarely) true story blends this infamous Tudor tale with dark comedy in a clever, twisting tale of circumstance, cunning, courageous women - and sheer bastardry.

Directed by Gino Cataldo.

Tickets are on sale now! HERE


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