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AUDITIONS for Ladies Who Wait, a Tudor inspired dark comedy, written by Yvette Wall and directed by Gino Cataldo, will be held on Saturday 4 March 2023 from 9am to 5pm at Stirling Theatre, Morris Place, Innaloo.

RUN DATES: 17/18/19 and 24/25/26 August at a venue in Subiaco. This is a profit share production. Rehearsals will commence mid-June, twice a week, at a location TBA. At this present time rehearsal dates/times have not been finalised but will be a/h – evenings or during the day on weekends.

BRIEF SYNOPSIS: In this bawdy and irreverent dark comedy that deviates from historical fact just a tad, Anne Boleyn is in the tower awaiting her execution with two unlikely ladies-in-waiting, Agnes and Alice, from the cell next door. To spice things up, the ghost of Catherine of Aragon comes to gloat and Jane Seymour drops in for a visit with a wedding invitation in hand. Anne is encouraged by her ladies in waiting to speak up and ‘lets rip’ before her death.

Twenty years later Agnes and Alice are now lowly chamber pot maids in the court of Queen Mary 1. They accidentally stumble into the Queen’s chamber to find her having a hysterical pregnancy, believing she is about to give birth. Mary’s sister, Elizabeth, arrives and the Catholics and Protestants are at war yet again. Mary then dies in a way the history books did not write and Elizabeth becomes Queen. Agnes and Alice, however, do not count on being outwitted and finally lose the game.

ROLES: Please note all ages are stage ages. ANNE BOLEYN - 30 to 35 years. JANE SEYMOUR- Early ‘20’s. CATHERINE OF ARAGON - Around 50 years. Spanish accent required. MARY 1 - Around 40 years. ELIZABETH 1 - Mid 20’s. The roles of AGNES and ALICE, the most unlikely ladies in waiting, have been cast.

AUDITION REQUIREMENTS: Please prepare a short comedic monologue. You will also be asked to read from the script. Excerpts, depending on character choice, will be forwarded to you prior to your audition. Please bring along a copy of your Acting CV to the audition. A headshot will be taken on the day. Please be advised that if you are successful in securing a role you are required to attend ALL rehearsals you are called for, extraordinary circumstances permitted as determined by the director.

For queries or to book an audition time, please contact Yvette: Ph: 0408 471 060


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