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The Broken Slipper (Review by Gordon the Optom, Oct 2014)

"cleverly written by WA talent, Yvette Wall"

The Broken Slipper (Review by Kimberley Shaw, Stage Whispers, Feb 2015)

"A fun and pleasant romp."

Dolls from the Sky (Review by Gordon the Optom, Sept 2015)

"Yvette has written a deeply moving script"

Looking at The Alps (Midland Reporter, Oct 2016)

"Two thespians from Kalamunda, who entered the Norfolk Island one      act play competition, which is run over two weekends in the Pacific,   have returned triumphant from their creative endeavours."

Being Juliet (Review by Gordon the Optom, Jan 2017)

"Yvette has won many writing awards, and is not frightened to try           something new. I consider Yvette to be one of WA’s top three writers."

Milly and Joan (Review by Gordon the Optom, Aug 2017)

"This play should be placed on an international agent’s script list – the    potential is huge."


The Sisters of St Judas (Review by Gordon the Optom, Sept 2018)

"The chemistry in the cast was especially good, with a brilliant rapport     and delivery of a great script. I have seen this play in the past, but it       gets better every time."

Long Live the King (Review by Gordon the Optom, Sept 2018)

"...written by WA’s much admired playwright, Yvette Wall. This     ingenious play gives the audience a most detailed Tudor history in a   palatable manner, without anyone feeling that they are having a   boring history lesson."

Greenarella (The Post Newspaper, Nov 2018)

"It underscores how theatre can educate to promote positive   community change - but the show is also a lot of fun."

Little Angels (The Post Newspaper, April 2019)

"Little Angels has four strong female roles and is the darkest piece I've   ever written, with themes of loss, suppression and rebellion."

Little Angels (Noosa News, April 2019)

"It's heartening that Australian community theatre is still alive..."

Little Angels (Noosa Today, April 2019)

"...Ms Wall also works with primary schools, sharing her love of theatre   and story, which she believes has the power to heal and inspire all   ages."


Outback Angels (Review by Gordon the Optom, Feb 2020)

"A most impressive short play, well worth the half hour trip from   home.  It was enthusiastically received by a large audience. Congrats  to all concerned."

Outback Angels (Review by Kimberley Shaw, Stage Whispers, Feb 2020)

"A very short show, which packs a great deal into its half hour. Good   solid work from a young director and cast."

Ashes to Dust (Review by Kimberley Shaw, Stage Whispers, Feb 2021)
"Short and sharp at only 40 minutes, Ashes to Dust is a great choice for those craving some irreverent but inoffensive, fun, fresh theatre."

Ashes to Dust (FringeFeed review by Barbara Hostalek, Jan 2021)

"Off the Wall Productions has produced a one-act comedy worth the time and money India and Australia both declared for the ashes."

Little Angels (Review by Kimberley Shaw, Stage Whispers, Feb 2021)

"An interesting play with great poignancy."

Little Angels (review by Gordon the Optom, Feb 2021)

"... it is easy to have the writer lose the punch and the suffering by too sweet a script. Yvette gave us an accurate view of a raw deal."

Dramafest 2014

Beryl Silvester Award

Best New Writing for 
The Broken Slipper

Hills Festival of Theatre 2015

Best Original Script for


Noosa Arts Theatre

2019 National

One-Act Playwriting


Third Place

Little Angels

Norfolk Island

Theatre Festival 2016

Best Production

Looking at the Alps

BATS Theatre Company
Edythe Brook Cooper


Competition 2020

Third Place


Audience Award

Ashes to Dust

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